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Best Online Businesses – Start !

My Online Odyssey

They Journey to Success

The Journey to Success

I’ve tried all kinds of online businesses : from MLM (ACN, Itworks) to ponzi schemes hidden behind a so called advertising platform (Profits25)… I wasted time with pyramidal matrices (Bonofa) or PTC sites (Clixsense) only to earn a fraction of a cent per day… I even gave copy trading a chance (eToro), made some money and lost it all...

Being your Own boss

Being your Own boss

Sadly none of the above “opportunities” have made me rich… Even worse, I got no return on my investment “lol”… They were time consuming for the most part and when they were not, they were just a bunch of lies that left me disappointed and stressed. 

Yet, I decided not to give up and to try something else : affiliate marketing. It’s been over a year since I built this website and now I can tell you that the best online business is simply… :

  • a business that you own
  • a business that you build
  • a business that matches your personality and passion(s)

And that is exactly what affiliate marketing is about. Turning a passion into a successful online business. 


What Do YOU Love?

I am personally interested in many many things and this has led me to Hamburger Recipebuilding several websites : an essential oils remedies website, a makeup tutorials website, a website that offers online free stuff, an affiliate marketing website (the one you are on =) ), a website about binary options…

But what are YOU interested in?

Old carsBuilding an affiliate marketing business really comes down to one major thing : your passion(s).

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you love?
  • What are your hobbies
  • What do you like to write/read/talk about? 
  • What fascinates you? 
  • What do you have experience with?Biking
  • What do you want to help people with?

If you can answer these questions, you can have a business going and within weeks/months/years earn a full-time income with one single website. Imagine owning two websites, three… or even more! 


There’s Room for Everyone

Web search

Web search

Did you know that over 2 billion people search the web each and every day? Looking for stuff. Downloading things, purchasing products, looking for answers to their questions, for solutions to their problems.

A website is a place that contains tons of answers to somebody’s questions. To thousands of people’s questions. Millions of people’s questions actually. Do you see the huge potential?  

A website is a business. A virtual one but a business nonetheless. If you can choose a subject that interests you and build a website that gets traffic, you will have a profitable business going. It’s as simple as that. 


F*** Competition !

There’s one thing I’ve learned while building my online business Crowddo NOT fear competition. Sure, there are big companies out there. Sure, there are well established websites getting millions of viewers per month. So what? Does it mean you can’t exist? You have your own personality, your own ideas, your own talent, your own dreams and goals

Light BulbAll you need is a fraction of those 2 billion people searching the web each day. You don’t need 2 billion of them to visit your website… You don’t need 2 million either (although I have to admit that would be really cool)… Actually you need only a very small fraction of them each day to earn a full-time income and never have a boss again.

Do you think you could, over time, get 10 people to visit your website each day? 100 people? 1000 people? Do you think 1000 out of 2,000,000,000 sounds impossible? =) 


Pick a Niche !

Wait, what’s a niche? In affiliate marketing a niche is a market segment, Cinnamon Rollsor simply put, a group of people. Your niche will be whatever you are interested in :

  • workout exercices for pregnant women
  • tips to train your dog
  • paleo recipes
  • halloween makeup tutorials
  • native americans culture… you name it!
Border Collie

Border Collie

A niche can be absolutely anything. However I can not stress enough that it has to be something you are curious about… something you know you will be happy to research and write about. Because if you only pick a niche that “sells”, eventually you’ll grow tired of it and you’ll stop writing.

No content > no money lol. 

Passion should be at the core of your online business. Video games

Now, I want you to imagine you are running a full-time online business… Imagine you already own a website and have visitors every day coming to check out your content, buying stuff, giving you feedback … What would you want your website to be about?

It doesn’t get more complicated than that, really. 

The Making Money Process 

how to earn money online

how to earn money online

Ok so at this point you know that building a successful online business requires for you to pick a passion (and again it can be anything that you like). Don’t be afraid to pick the wrong niche because you won’t. There’s no such thing as a wrong niche, simply because there are way too many people on Earth for you to pick something that nobody will be interested in. It’s just statistics. =)

Once you’ve picked a niche I will help you build a website and again it’ll be very easy, I promise. I had no idea how to build a website before creating Successful Business Online. I never thought I’d be doing what I do today. So don’t worry about getting lost of confused, I will do my best to make everything very smooth =)

Once you’ve picked a passion and built a website, well… you will start adding content to your website (hence choosing a passion, otherwise it’ll be very hard for you to write regularly). Content will drive traffic and traffic will generate money.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Well for starters it’s the #1 way to earn money online. Second it’s a free way to promote other brands products, using a unique affiliate link. You can be an affiliate for Apple, for Amazon, Ebay, Sephora, Etsy … Those are big companies but there are affiliate programs for smaller companies of course… and within about any niche imaginable. Ok?

You will apply to an affiliate program for a brand or a product that is relevant to your niche, they will give you an affiliate link and when visitors click on your link and go on to buy something, you will get a commission. Pretty easy, huh? 


Let’s Recap!

1- Pick a passion : this will be your niche. I highly recommend choosing something you know about or something you are really interested about because this is what your website is going to be about and you don’t want to realize, 6 months after starting your business, that you are growing tired of your niche lol. Love and passion

2- Build a Website : see it as an online shop, as a virtual business… with a website you can help people. You can sell stuff… you can reach hundreds, thousands, millions of people. People = Revenue. 


3 – Add content to your website. No content > no visitors > no money lol. (content : text, images, videos, links, ads, banners, etc.)

Writing content - Telling stories

4 – Join affiliate programs (they’re free to join), use affiliate links and promote things that you think your visitors will find useful. 


5 – Start earning money

Earning Money Online

Earning Money Online


Build Your Website in Under 30 Seconds! 

Your heard me. Under 30 seconds =). And guess what? You don’t even need any prerequisite knowledge. You don’t have to already know how to build a website. You don’t have to know about html or javascript or plugins or widgets or css… or anything at all. All I will ask you is to think of a name for your website and click the “build it now”  blue button. 

Your website will be built and I will tell you what to do next =). If you are lost during the process you can leave a message in the comment area at the bottom of the page, I’ll get back to you asap ! 

Learn & Earn

Now I won’t lie to you. Affiliate marketing is very simple. Like I said all Ancient Clockyou need is a website and content. But all this takes time. You can’t copy other people’s content. That wouldn’t be fair and google would punish you (meaning you wouldn’t get ranked on search engines… plus people can find out you copied their content lol)

Building a website is easy these days, no need to know coding, ok? But like any business it does take time. So if you are still looking for something that will make you rich quickly and easily, I’m afraid affiliate marketing won’t meet your expectations. But then again, nothing will lol because there’s no such thing as getting rich quickly and easily. 

If you accept that a business takes time and efforts, then go for it and never give up! All you need is some training and support on your journey to success. 

Website SupportOnce you’ve built your website (see above Siterubix) I suggest you start a training called “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)”. It’s free and it’ll help you get started with your website and adding content. It will also explain how you are going to earn money from a website. To start the training, simply click here and let me know if you need help.

I hope you build a thriving business ! Know that nothing is impossible.

Cheers =)


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