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Welcome ! Sarah here! =)

I’m the owner and creator of Successful Business Online, a website dedicated to helping YOU avoid scams so you can make money online.  

If you would like to own a website like this one, you can get started here for free ! I’ll be happy to help you out !


Not Everyone Wants A 9-5 Job

I wasn’t always working on this website. In fact, I spent more time working my a** off for other people than doing something I actually loved.

Before I decided to fly solo and start my own business, I was just like most people : working a (most of the time horrible) 9-5 job. I always knew that I’d have a hard time keeping the same job til the day I died…. lol I was just so curious and never really fit it. 

From piano teacher to manager in tourism or life coach, I spent many years trying to blend in and earn a living. I thought I would be satisfied and happy if I had a job that paid the rent and kept me busy, but there was something missing in my life.  

A purpose.

The purpose of life

The purpose of life


I Want To Be Filthy Rich !

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely hate money lol. The reason I decided to become rich was so I would not have to care about money anymore. At all. I don’t want fancy cars or jewels or Jimmy Choo’s… I don’t need anything luxurious except a quiet home, a garden, my pets and my significant other by my side. 

I hate money so much because it turns people into nutjobs … but having money enables you (if you are not already totally perverted lol) to live a peaceful life and help others who are in need. 

In an ideal world, I’d love money to disappear… I wish we could all grow our own fruit and vegetable and enjoy the planet without any form of money… but that’s just not happening, so I decided I’d have more money than what a regular job could ever give me and I would dream big. 


Can You Really Earn Money Online?

Well… I used to think “no you can’t, it’s all just scams and people ripping you off for their own benefit” lol… But  I guess, once you’ve made your share of mistakes (and not given up) you eventually learn from them and start making some money…  =)

Since I knew I would get rich or die trying and could not be an employee anymore, I decided to go for the long haul and do this the proper way, the way that worded. But how do you know what works? lol well, first of all you STOP doing what doesn’t (ponzi, pyramid schemes, complicated MLMs…)

I searched and searched the web and finally came across my little piece of heaven! lol


I soon realized the internet was a really great source of work and income, that is, if you know how to use it (which was not my case a couple years back!)… but that contrary to what most people say, earning money online will neither be quick nor easy! Nope.

Since when is running a business (online or offline) quick and easy? Hmmmm 

But anyway…  long story short, here I am, finally doing what I Iove and what I’m meant to be doing!      

If you would like to build your own online business, I invite you to click here and get started with a free 10 lessons training and more awesome features!   You will have a website up and running in under 30 seconds and you’ll be able to get started with the basics. Which by the way are what enabled me to earn very first dollars online! =)


Now I want you to imagine something : imagine being in control of your life. Can you picture yourself being able to decide what time you want to wake up, who you want to work with, what you want to spend your time doing, how much you want to earn…?  

How would you like to possess two of the most valuable things in the world? time and freedom. 




You Are Smart

There is so much misinformation online and so many scams that it can be confusing and frustrating to build your own business. It can also be pricey… unfortunately! With no return on your investment… But, let’s think positive, shall we? 

With this website I want to help you get the best advice possible and prevent you from wasting your time and money. You shall not make the mistakes that I made ! =) Hopefully ^^


Let’s Connect!

If you ever need any feedback or support with your business I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my website regularly as I am always updating it with ideas and information that I come across and I know you will find interesting.  

You can also contact me by email here 

I wish you all the best and thank you for dropping by ! =)        

Cheers! =) 


Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

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Greetings Sarah:

You have an awesome site! Full of fresh content, vibrant graphics- all with your personal flair and touch. I look forward to more content in the near future. Best wishes for you Sarah!


Donald Ostrander

Hi Sara I love your site. There’s a lot of fresh information here. I found the articles useful and have bookmarked your site, and am looking forward to future posts. Good articles on avoiding scams. It’s plain to see you are interested in helping people get started. Keep up the good work.


Hi Sarah, very detailed and interesting, keep up the good work.


You have a very nice Lively site. Many people can get benefit from all you provide on your Site. Nice Job!

Chris Lakin

Hi Sarah i love what you have done with this site, It’s clean, It’s bright, the information is straight to the point and very helpful. I am truly envious of someone with your ability and know how, if you have a look at mine you will see a massive difference, probably the womans touch LOL .
Sorry just joking you have a marvellous site to work with and i’m sure it will bring you much success. Best wishes Chris

Gebyar Andyono

I love your website. The design is very beautiful, it’s clean, informative, and full of YOU 🙂
Look forward for your articles next time.

Best wishes,


c’est tellement beau. j’ai vraiment Hâte que ce soit en français…. 🙂


Hi Sarah

Your website will relate to others as they too will want a way to express themselves by having their very own website. Good job!


Hi Sarah
thank you for this very valuable site, great work !
i was looking for your article about SFI but the page is in error “not found”
Is it yet in the “bad” section please ?
I don’t find many info. on this MLM on the web, also sometimes the same “not found” error…

Thank you, I wish you good luck
Sincerely, Gib.


“I love money” would be a better affirmation;-)


Good info Sarah

James Wright

Hello Sarah,

Jimbo here just popping in!

It’s always nice to see you.

Take care!


Great website. I blog about the same things. Let’s connect on social media if you would like.