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A Guide to Making Money Online



More and more people caress the idea of ​​making a fortune online, but unfortunately, their sweet dream sometimes turns into a nasty nightmare.

Most of the opportunities you’ll come across online are just money pit. Online scams are multiplying like mushrooms and people will continue to fall for them because scammers use very effective methods to fool them.

I have myself been scammed and ripped off several times before I decided to take the bull by the horns for good. The first lesson (the pill was hard to swallow) I learned from all my bad experiences online was that there is no such thing as getting rich quickly and easily. It takes time and it requires considerable effort. Once you have understood and accepted that, things get much easier !

So, without further ado here is my complete guide to making money online. If you are serious about building an online business and follow my advice, I can guarantee you WILL earn money!



In Short !

I will cover the twelve following points :

  • be realistic and unrealistic : finding the right balance to keep your motivation to its highest 
  • do something you love : money is not a real goal. It is a means to a goal. You need real goals to achieve success
  • be smart : don’t fall for the scams, don’t let anyone insult your intelligence please please please… 
  • learn, learn & learn… : the more you know about your niche/business the more trust you’ll build with your audience
  • ask for help, request feedback : you can’t build a business alone, you are going to need other people’s perspective and expertise 
  • do what successful people do : why shouldn’t you take advantage of what others have tried before you and that has proven to generate money?
  • understand the money making process : simply put, how-will-you-get-paid?
  • prioritize : learn to optimize your time
  • don’t quit : well, because if you do you will never earn money =)
  • set goals : they’ll keep you on track
  • surround yourself with like-minded people : you will need others and knowing you’re not alone on your journey to success will make the difference, trust me! 
  • think positive : and positive things will happen to you! 



1 – Be Realistic & Unrealistic! 

Ok, before I lose you, let me explain lol. Building an online business requires to be both realistic and unrealistic. How so?

Be realistic in the sense that you do not fall into certain traps, including the get-rich-quick schemes.

Be realistic and do not hope for millions of dollars to miraculously appear in your bank account, without moving a finger. 

But please please be unrealistic : as in, dream B-I-G, even if your dreams might sound a little crazy to you or to others… Just do as Norman Vincent Peale rightly said : ” Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” !

You know what I mean? Set realistic goals but make sure your goals are big enough to give you wings! And fly!

The key lies in finding the right balance between unreasonable goals and exciting goals. 

goals setting

goals setting


2 – Do Something You Love

Everyday I see many many people who are starting their online journey without considering their passions or interests. The only thing they seem to be interested in is making money... loads of it. These people are 99% of the time the very same ones that will give up along the way. Why is that? Because it is very hard to stay efficient when the only motivation that you have every single day is … money.

I can spot a quitter in an instant : “I want to earn millions of dollars within the next couple months. I am willing to work 1-2 hour(s) per day at this”. Hmmm good luck with that. 

Sure, money is “good” and almost everyone on this planet wants it. But if you do not work with passion or pleasure, how can you be efficient and build something that will pass the test of time?

It is my personal opinion that you will be likely to make a huge mistake by trying to make money at all costs, selling whatever product you come across because it has a high commission rate … 

On the contrary, if you turn your passion(s) into a business, you will enjoy working day after day and you will avoid getting bored … If you have to sell or recruit to earn your commissions … sooner or later you’ll get tired and quit. I’m 99% sure of it (there is always a 1% people who are an exception to the rule lol).

If for instance you are a big sports fan, use your passion and build a business around it. This is quite achievable, I see lots of people making a living online with all kinds of subjects (baby accessories, dog training, essential oils …).

In short, do more of what you love! It will be more fun, more inspiring and your customers will see the difference

Work with passion

Work with passion


3 – Be Smart

The reason why so many people get scammed online is because they let others insult their intelligence. Ok, maybe some people get scammed because they really are limited I guess… lol. Some people are really really naive and will fall for the same traps, repeatedly.

But I am sure you are smart so you should use your intelligence and not let others lure you into false opportunities

Use your common sense, do your research before you decide to invest in something or join a business opportunity, ask around… and always keep in mind that nothing comes easy, especially money or success. You have to work for it, wait for it, fight for it. 

So money and success take time to happen yes, but the good thing is you don’t have to be a genius to earn money online. =) However, you have to show at least some common sense. One of the thing that has saved me time and money is the following : 

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is“. It sounds really obvious I know… but if you keep that in mind at all times, trust me, you’ll avoid getting ripped off and you’ll achieve success much much faster. 

The key to success

The key to success


4 – Learn, Learn &… Learn!

One thing I’ve noticed about successful people is that they’re always open to new things and always willing to learn. They want to get better at what they do. They don’t take anything for granted and never think they can do this alone. 

When you start building your own business you have to accept that you will need others… that’s just a fact. No matter how strong, how persistent, how determined or how smart you are, you can’t know everything or do everything on your own. You need people, to some extent. 

So by all means, don’t crawl on yourself and don’t be too stubborn. You want to learn new things everyday and take action on what you learn.

Learning will help you grow as a person and become an expert. Learning will allow you to see your past mistakes and fix them. Learning will give you some perspective… 

The more you learn, the more confident you’ll become. The more confident you are, the more trust you’ll earn from your customers/audience/viewers… 

Learn but stay humble. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you have to brag about it. Someone out there will always be more knowledgeable than you and you could learn from them. You can also help others with your knowledge. And when you help people, you get good karma in return =). Eventually it’ll pay off. 




5 – Ask For Help, Request Feedback

Asking for help/feedback goes hand in hand with learning. As your business starts taking shape you want to turn to people and ask for help and feedback. Why? Because sometimes you are so focused on what you are doing that you don’t even see the huuuuuuge mistake that’s standing right in your face… whereas someone who can take a step back will immediately spot it and let you know. 

Plus, I have noticed from experience that many many many people are willing to help, without getting anything in return. Some people are actually really nice lol. And you should definitely take advantage of that, not use them but accept their free help… what’s wrong with that, right? I help many people everyday and I don’t need anything in return. I’m just happy knowing they got their problems solved. I know tons of people who do exactly the same, day after day. 

Feedback is important, it is crucial to the development of your business. Sometimes you’ll think what you’re doing is awesome but then if you ask someone for feedback they will give you a totally different story… it doesn’t always necessarily mean you were on the wrong path but it is good to have different perspectives. You know what I mean? 

There are things I did on my websites that came from other people’s ideas and feedback… Sometimes negative feedback gave birth to really positive things for me. People simply shared their opinion on a subject and it opened up a new world for me… which I took advantage of. 

So again, remember there are thousands and thousands of awesome people out there who can help you build an even better business. Reach out, ask for help, request feedback... all-the-time. You will be thankful you did ! Don’t be proud, I know it’s hard not to take things personally when you are building your baby business… but accepting your mistakes, accepting people’s negative comments is the best way to grow and the fastest way as a matter of fact!  

The importance of feedback

The importance of feedback



6 – Do What Successful People Do

Successful people have lots of things in common, so why not simply “copy” them? Don’t get me wrong here. You don’t want to be a clone of someone, you are your unique self and copy pasting someone else’s work would not be gratifying, it wouldn’t be fair to them and it wouldn’t even help you achieve success. Sooner or later you’ll get caught and you would have to start all over again.

Save yourself some time and let your own beautiful and unique personality shine. But… look at your competitors. Look at what successful people do, understand their habits and routine… Listen to them, accept their wise advice and implement them in your own daily routine. 

There is no secret to being successful or earning money online… there are just a number of things you should (or shoudn’t) do. =) 

I have personally been influenced by a great number of marketers and successful people and I am very very thankful for their help. Among them I can name Kyle & Carson from Wealthy Affiliate, Nathaniell from onemorecupofcoffee, Dom from humanproofdesign, Steve from Ivetriedthat… 

If you look closer at successful people you’ll see a repetitive pattern... and if you understand that pattern and apply it to yourself, eventually you’ll achieve success as well. Some of the things successful people were able to achieve are difficult, I won’t lie to you… Like “not giving up“… that one is probably the hardest thing to do lol.. because giving up is really easy and you WILL want to give up at times… but please, don’t. Only quitters fail.

Successful People

Successful People


7 – Understand The Money Making Process 

How can you be good at something if you have no clue how it works? lol. I know it may sound stupid but some people actually hope they’ll earn money out of the blue, like magic… and they get disappointed and pissed off when nothing happens ! 

One of the basic step before you even build anything is to understand where the money will come from. Again I know it really sounds obvious but a lot of people skip this crucial step. 

What is it you want to do online? How do you except to earn money? Where will the money come from? Who will pay you? What will you sell? How much can you earn? If you can’t answer these questions I suggest you start digging lol. 

I won’t leave you in the dark though, don’t worry. Earning money online is quite simple. The process IS simple I mean. The #1 way to earn money online is called affiliate marketing.

Basically affiliate marketing will allow you to promote products (any product, really) by using unique affiliate links. Joining affiliate programs is free (as compared to MLM for instance) and each time someone clicks your link and goes on to buy something, you’ll earn a commission. Sell something = get a commission. It’s as simple as that. 

But there are other ways for you to earn money online, such as advertisement. One of the most famous way to earn money through ads is google adsense. Simply put Google will pay you each time someone clicks an add on your website or sometimes each time someone views an ad for a certain amount of time. 

I don’t want to get too much into the details here but if you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing you can check out this post here !

The earning money process

The earning money process


8 – Prioritize

Prioritizing is my pet peeve lol. It’s weird because I am a very organized person, I write everything down, I use to-do lists, I work quickly and efficiently… but very often I waste time with unnecessary tasks… because they feel more pleasant or easier and well… I’m human and sometimes lazy

Before you do anything, each day, try to prioritize your tasks. What is the most important thing to do for you today? Should you spend hours on facebook trying to promote your business? Or should you add quality content to your website?

I try to scale my tasks from 0-10 and start with the most important one. Then, when I’m happy with what I’ve done I can relax a little and finish the day with more relaxing and trivial tasks, such as social networking, or chatting with other marketers or yoga… 

You need to understand that every little thing you will do for your business will add up… no matter how small. But if you mostly do “useless” things, although they will add up in the end they won’t help your business much lol… so always try and do something because you know that in time, it’ll pay off. 

Even when I only read a lesson on how to do something or only do some research on a product and don’t necessarily write down a review, I know it’ll pay off, somehow. But when I spend hours on facebook chatting or when I spend hours clicking websites on PTC sites to just earn a few cents, I’m totally wasting my precious time. 

Use a to-do list, write down ideas and goals… be organized. If you use your time wisely, your business will grow more steadily. 

To do list

To do list


9 – Don’t Quit 

Yeah, I know, another advice that sounds really obvious to the point of being stupid lol. But I can not stress enough that the only reason people fail is because they give up.

Look at successful people again, listen to their story… they have all gone through failures and trials… they have fallen and risen again… until it finally happened! Success

If you quit too soon, how will you know success was not going to occur, say two months later? Six months later? Would you work hard if you knew you’d make $10,000 per month three years from now? Or do you think it wouldn’t be worth waiting? 

I’d like to share a story with you, from someone I admire and respect. He tells you how be went from $0 to $10,000 in three years and how happy he is he didn’t quit.

$0 to $10k in 3 years by Steve 

Don't quit

Don’t quit


10 – Set Goals

You can’t get very far if you don’t know where you’re going lol. At least you’ll go somewhere but I’m not sure you’ll be happy with the final destination =)

I suggest you simply write down your non-financial goals and your financial goals. Just write them down somewhere and keep them close to you, on your desk for example… on your fridge, in your car. 

Setting goals will keep you on track, it’ll give you something to fight for. If you’re building an online business just for the money, I’m not sure you’ll get very far. You need real goals, things that will give you butterflies in your stomach, things that will make you feel really excited

Because there will be days when money will not be enough of a motivation for you… there will be days when thinking “I want tons of money” won’t make you feel excited anymore, because you will feel like a failure… you will feel like giving up. But if you are doing all this because you have real goals (building a house, helping your family, traveling the world, whatever your dreams are) you’ll get passed the money thing and you’ll fight some more. 

The "secret" to success

The “secret” to success


11 – Surround Yourself With Like-minded People 

I can tell you from experience that you will highly benefit from a community of like-minded people. Like I said above, we need one another. You can’t just build a business all by yourself and expect to grow. 

There are many great communities out there that you can join but I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they are the reason I can work from home now. =) It’s free to join, so you have nothing to lose checking it out. 

What will interacting with like-minded people give you? It’ll give you a sense of  belonging… You’ll feel like you belong to a community where people are pursuing more or less the same thing. Basically you’ll feel less alone and trust me, you’ll be happy you’re not alone on your journey to success =)

Connecting with people from all cultures and backgrounds and professions will enrich your days. You will share tips and experience with them and it will help you even if you are not aware of it. 

Making friends with people who are going through (or already went through) the same as you will provide you with priceless support. There will always be someone out there ready to give you a kick in the ass when you’re being lazy or pessimistic! 

Building a network will help your business. The more people you connect with the more likely your business is to grow and gain trust. It’s as simple as that : you can’t have a business without people. People will make your business. You will build it from scratch but it’s the people who will make it live a long and prosperous life. 

So do not neglect people, they play a major part in your future success. They are here to help, to give you (positive or negative) feedback, to show you the way, to learn from you and teach you something, to cheer you up, to kick you in the ass, to inspire you… 

Like-minded people

Like-minded people


12 – Think Positive! 

Think positive and positive things will happen to you. You can’t expect to have a good day if you are complaining and moaning in your dark corner. 

If you don’t believe in positive thinking just run a simple experiment : try and spend a day without smiling, without singing, without thinking anything positive. And do the complete opposite the day after. Go out, smile for no reason, say hi to people, be nice, be positive… You will see the difference, trust me. 

Positive people attract positive people, it’s as simple as that. And positive people achieve positive things. You can react to things either negatively or positively, it’s entirely up to you. You could also decide to be neutral but neutrality as long as it helps you move forward and has a positive effect on you! =)

Try and always see the bright side of things. If you focus on the negative side of things you’ll get quickly discouraged. If on the contrary you always try to see the good (however small it is), you’ll feel encouraged and it’ll give you strength to achieve better as you move forward

Positive people inspire others, they have a better opinion of themselves and they are confident

As an entrepreneur you will need aaaaall the positive energy that you can get on your journey to success. Because it won’t always be easy. Like I said above there will be times of disappointment and weariness, and that is ok… you aren’t a robot or a superhero. But please remember this : nothing really matters in the end, so why not enjoy the ride? 

If you can take a step back and smile at things, laugh at them or learn something positive from them you will have a much smoother life and an easier time building your business. 

If like me you are interested in the law of attraction and positive thinking you might want to read the following posts : 

Positive thoughts for the day

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Positive thinking

Positive thinking

I hope this will help you in the future and I wish you all the best. Feel free to contact me at sarah@successfulbusinessonline.org or share your thoughts in the below comment area! 

Cheers =)




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